About Us!
This GSG College was started 30 years ago by local farm community as they saw the need for a college in this underdeveloped area. In the beginning when this college was started, they did not have facility of their own so they were conducting morning classes in a local high school.
Dr. Atmaram Gawande, who is born in this area and had gone to high school in Umarkhed saw the opportunity to help the community in their educational endeavor. In the year 1985, Dr. Sushila and Dr. Atmaram Gawande provided the seed money to build the college. To honor Dr. Gawande's mother, this college is now named Gopikabai Sitaram Gawande. The Government of Maharashtra gave the land to build the college, the local community and farmers collected the funds and a small college building is now built over several years.
Now it has expanded and houses about 2100 students and provides education towards Bachelor's Degree in science, arts and Commerce, vocational diploma programs, (Horiticulture, sericulture and Crop science.) and Post Graduation.In 1992, Rotary Club of Nanded and Rotary club of Athens with the help of Rotary international were successful in doing a "Matching Grant Project" to provide clean drinking water to this college. This project then expanded and provided the "Drip irrigation" to the thirty acres of agricultural farm which is under the management of this college for horticulture development. This "Drip Irrigation" and "Clean Water Project" was in the tune of $23,000.00. International Rotary Club provided the fund for Carl & Helen Robert's Computer Center, Umarkhed. This project was in the tune of $20,470.